Program Overview

FLYL Philosophy, Core Values, and Code of Conduct


The goal of the youth lacrosse program is to provide a constructive and positive experience for young athletes. The program puts a priority on the interests of the participants while providing an enjoyable environment to learn the sport of lacrosse.


The following core values will guide Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse (FLYL) in programming and play, now and in the future.  FLYL believes its programs have the potential to develop not only lacrosse skills but, more importantly, character values that will benefit today’s players in later years and other endeavors.  It’s not just about lacrosse.

Foremost of all values is to learn a sense of fair play. We will not gloat in victory, and we will be gracious in defeat. We will promote friendship with teammates and opponents alike, and we will respect officials.

We will treat all others and all players as we would want to be treated and as we would want our children to be treated.

We seek to foster honesty and fair play in accordance with the rules of the game.

Each member of FLYL, whether player, parent or volunteer staff should try to do his or her best.  We recognize that young athletes develop at different rates and stages, and not everyone may have the same ability in any given age group, but everyone can try to perform to the best of his or her ability.

We want the lacrosse experience to be fun, satisfying and rewarding for all participants. We want each child, at the end of every season, to look forward to playing lacrosse again the following year.

We value the strength of learning to work together. Teamwork is reinforced and rewarded by success in the lacrosse experience.  We will not value individual exploits over team success and we will promote trust in teammates over selfish play.

We are loyal to teammates and to other parents because we understand that teamwork and overall success cannot be achieved without mutual appreciation and a desire for all players to do well and enjoy success.


Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse, US Lacrosse and the Hudson Valley Chapter of US Lacrosse abide by the US Lacrosse Youth Council Code of Conduct governing all coaches, players, officials and parents. The purpose of the code is to ensure that all of those people associated with lacrosse treat each other with dignity and respect.

The Code of Conduct is a condition of membership for all players, parents, coaches and officials. All members who join Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and to be subject to the consequences of violating the code. Every Registration Form for Fox Lane Youth Lacrosse includes the Code of Conduct, either directly or by reference.

All enforcement decisions made by the officials of Bedford Youth Lacrosse are final and not subject to review. No refunds will be granted to those players dismissed from the club for violating the Code of Conduct.

US Lacrosse Youth Council Code of Conduct Statement
I, as a player, coach, parent, spectator or official, pledge to conduct myself in a manner that complies with the US Lacrosse Youth Council "Code of Conduct" at all times. Accordingly, I pledge to:
  1. "Honor the Game";
  2. Demonstrate respect to other players, coaches, and parents; officials; and spectators;
  3. Uphold the essential elements of the USL Youth Council "Code of Conduct", which are HONESTY and INTEGRITY;
  4. Demonstrate and Encourage good sportsmanship and the concepts of fair play;
  5. Focus on fun and participation;
  6. Know and abide by the Rules of Lacrosse, the established guidelines, and all eligibility requirements;
  7. Understand that the safety and welfare of all concerned is the top priority;
  8. Support the drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment that is important for all youth sporting events;
Further, I pledge NOT to:
  1. Ever use profanity at a youth event;
  2. Criticize coaches, players, or game officials;
  3. Touch an opposing player, coach, or game official in a threatening manner.